Dec 28, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • The Map has been updated with some fixes and tweaks and has been moved from FastDL back to Steam Workshop due to downloading issues with some clients
  • Added 3 Achievements (Jump Master, SCIENCE!, and Credit Whore Duty)
  • Piano, Drums, and Voice Chat coming from the Karaoke area are no longer heard in the Lobby
  • Added 4 more Slot Machines
  • (26th) Fixed bug with only 1 AFK player being in a room causing the current video to be "Vote-Skipped" by the system
  • Players using instruments actively are no longer marked AFK
  • Moved all the ULX Chat Adverts to HUD Notifications
  • Removed sittability of lamps due to players getting stuck in the wall
  • Added cinema_admin_fixseat for Developers+ to allow them to try and fix broken seats by respawning them
  • Removed a ton of debugging code with the Lottery system