Dec 25, 2020


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Nov 25, 2020.

  • Updated Map to v2 RC5:
    • The Holidays have returned to YukiTheater!
    • The Private Theater Hallway added in the last update is now covered in a thick layer of snow -- no doubt the snowmen are behind this
    • v2 RC4 improved performance due to added Screen Space Fade on literally hundreds of (now static) props
  • Added 4 New Achievements:
    • It's a Yuki Wonderland 2020 (500 Credits): Visit YukiTheater on Christmas Day 2020
    • A Special Gift 2020 (500 Credits): Open a Christmas Present during Holiday 2020
    • I Was There When 2021 Started (2,000 Credits): Be present when the ball drops for 2021
    • Eight Year Anniversary (500 Credits): Visit YukiTheater on January 6th, 2021
  • Fixed several errors with VRMod, including those that could potentially cause view rendering to lock up
  • Changed Private Theater order to make more sense
  • Added cinema_drawthumbnails ConVar for a bit of performance boost for those that want it
  • Fixed "View Changes" link on Changelog Panel
  • Added and to supported Sub-Services for AnimeKisa and GoGoAnime
  • Fixed E1M1 weapon sounds being highly audible everywhere else
  • Melon Dispenser now spawns melons outside of the machine so the physics from trying to "eject it" from inside stops making things lag
  • Fixed non-picked-up weapons/ammo in E1M1 eventually piling up and causing the server to be crushed under the weight of so many weapon entities
  • Fixed players being able to take AR2/Pistol/Shotgun pickups out of E1M1 in some scenarios
  • Fixed several issues with seats due to some internal changes
  • Fixed Private Theaters > 9 showing up out of order on the Scoreboard
  • Fixed ambience in E1M1 exit
  • Changed relevant Hallway names to fit the new map theme
  • Fixed Changelog Panel z-fighting with the Changelog Screen we're going to use with Olympus
As always, YukiTheater's New Year's Event is happening at the top of the hour for Every US Time Zone on New Year's Eve, so be sure to join us for our most popular night of the year!

Project Olympus
will also be out in Open Beta sometime around the beginning of the year -- we'll have more to announce once we get closer, including migration details.

Join our Discord to make sure you're the first to get news on it!

Thanks for joining us this year. We know it's been rough, but we hope what we have here helped, even if just a little bit.
Love you all! See you at New Year's Eve and into 2021! <3
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