Dec 25, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Brand New Map, created by An Ordinary Magician (Mapping), Sophie-bear (Modeling/Texturing/Porting), ATGnekocoaster39 (Texturing), and WinterPhoenix96 (Coding and Mapping Input)
  • New Playable Drums (Credits to Sophie-bear)
  • Voice Chat is now 3D
  • Text Chat outside Theaters now shows the player's location next to the chat message
  • Increased Run and Walk speeds to Base Gamemode Defaults
  • Reworked the IsFullyInit system to be more reliable and added protections to prevent players' accounts from being overwritten or wiped
  • Add 6 Achievements, 2 for the New Map and 4 for the Holidays
  • AFK Players are no longer calculated in Video Vote Skip ratios
  • Added support for the 9 new auditoriums in the new map
  • Added sitting support for 16 new chairs in the new map
  • Presents under the Christmas Tree now actually do stuff if you use them
  • Increased I Get Around worth to 5000 Credits and lowered the requirement to 15 minutes per auditorium
  • Increased Window Shopper worth to 1500 Credits
  • Increased VIP Pass cost due to the increase of accessible area
  • Fixed setting a Custom Lobby Music URL not actually working after rejoining
  • Disabled a handful of achievements and removed a bunch of code specific to the old map
  • Increased Popcorn Fire Rate for Developers
  • Removed a whole bunch of "if TESTING SERVER then" code to allow more thorough testing during development
  • Removed VIP and Chill Area Teleporters (no longer needed)
  • cinema_admin_shutdown now freezes players like cinema_admin_restart
  • cinema_admin_donate no longer gives an incorrect increase notification to Console