Dec 24, 2015


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Re-enabled New Years and Christmas code
  • Added Confetti to New Years Code
  • Added new Achievements for Christmas, New Years, and Anniversary
  • Added Snowball Throwing SWEP
  • Added Snowball Fight Events (every hour, kill players for credits!)
  • Replaced Popcorn Buckets with Stockings (thanks Sinful Mario and Sophie-bear!)
  • Added a Santa that you can sit on (thanks Sinful Mario and ogniK!)
  • Holiday-fied the Map
  • Fixed the Lobby Doors (thanks Sophie-bear!)
  • Christmas Presents now randomly select names from players that are online
  • Changed HUD Theme to holiday colors
  • Did a massive cleanup of unused content
  • Added a new secret area to the Map

Happy Holidays everybody! <3