Dec 24, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added Holiday Content (New Workshop Holiday Content Pack) and Code for Christmas 2013 and New Years 2014
  • Using the Chill Area Radio will now manually Refresh it (Useful should it randomly stop playing)
  • Added 4 New Achievements (Playtime Level: Kleenex, It's a Yuki Wonderland, I Was There When 2014 Started, and One Year Anniversary)
  • I Get Around and Window Shopper "Progress" no longer displays if you've already got the Achievement
  • Fixed VIP Expiration Re-Spawn Code (Oops)
  • Fixed Anime Room Queue Menu (Now shows the Entries for 12 Hours into the Future)
  • Made the video that everyone queues for the HNNNNG Achievement valid for it
  • Fixed Public Theater Queue Lock Code