Dec 1, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Each Theater's Players are now displayed in the Room Info Webpages on the website
  • Added a new location, Chill Area, that has 3 couches and Smooth Jazz playing 24/7
  • Replaced Private Theater 4 with a 24/7 Anime Room (Beta)
  • Players' time-tracking system used for Achievements, etc is now much more accurate
  • Replaced the SAO HP Bar with a simple Information Bar
  • Merged Latest Cinema Commits ( support, latest Javascript, etc)
  • Blip.TV's Service is no longer working until further notice (Not that anyone used it)
  • Possibly fixed all errors with the Popcorn SWEP (About time)
  • Added the Chill Area as a location Voice Chat is allowed in
  • Changed the worth of the Movie Time Achievement from 250 Credits to 500
  • Added an Achievement for finding the Chill Area Teleporter
  • Changelog Panel now hides itself if you are not close to it
  • Years Conversion for Community Playtime on the Stats Board is now rounded to 2 Decimals
  • Auto-Marking players AFK should now be more stable
  • "X is now AFK" message now states the player's location if they are not in the same one as you
  • Optimized "Hidden" setting for Credits Display
  • Admins can now force toggle a player's AFK Status
  • Queue Menu's Copy URL Function should now be compatible with every service except Blip.TV
  • Implemented a modified version of the Queue Menu for when a player is in the 24/7 Anime Room
  • Video Black/Whitelist console commands have been improved