Danganronpa V3 watchru together (Dub)

Stella ☪

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Basically, i'm thinking of re-watching Danganronpa 3 rotating between episodes from future and despair arc, posting this as a heads up for anyone who'd like to join (Though i'm not sure the forums as active?)
In any case, if you plan to watch this with me, you probably should of watched Danganronpa and at least watched a play through of the second game.

I'll be watching the dub, i've already watched it subbed.
5:00 pm EST (Start)
Hopefully no crashing from watching content/other issues.
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I'm interested but are you able to reschedule for tomorrow instead? (or not that's fine :/ i guess)
I was actually thinking about it,tonight.
I'll change it to 5:00 pm today the 30th
EDIT: Time changed because lack of sleep/real life stuff. Hope ya read.
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