Fixed Credits to 200

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Summary of Issue Encountered
Just yesterday i was playing on yuki with about 2000 credits Logged off then Joined back next day with only 200 credits
Expected Result
About 2000 credits
Actual Result
200 Credits
Steps to Reproduce
No clue
Screenshots/Error(s) in Console (if applicable) of the Issue
Hey guys! So we're aware of a problem with some peoples credits. Winter is working on a fix and we'll figure out how we'll reimburse you for it. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Good Evening. I've taken a look at the code and fixed the offending part that could lead to scenarios such as this happening. The fix has been deployed and is currently live.

I've also added roughly 1500 Credits to your account as, by our records, that's roughly what you lost.

Terribly sorry once again! Thanks for the Bug Report.
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