Complaint about Kasane Teto

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(Staff member/Player you are reporting)

Kasane Teto
(Time of incident)
(Reason for reporting)
Harassment, Trolling
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check discord logs from 03/03/16 12:12 PM onwards
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After I left staff so I could take a break from the stress and responsibilities of dealing with rule-breakers, Kasane started asking me multiple times on multiple occasions in global chat on the server why I was demoted. I had told him the first time he asked but he continued to harass me about it. However I let it go at the time. I had been ignoring Kasane for weeks now, as I feel that I would not enjoy socializing with him. Unfortunately Kasane has continued to attempt to talk to me/about me, often bringing things up that has the potential to aggrivate me, asking why I was demoted multiple times in front of everyone, asking and then pushing for an answer as to who I wanted to mute in discord, and when I ignored him, had him ping me in discord about it, tell me I was being rude, and then in private conversation we had afterwards in which I asked him to respect my wishes to not speak to him, just to have him ask me if we can try to be friends and subsequently bringing me up in discord chat multiple times after I asked him to not speak to me or about me. He literally started replying to everything I said in multiple rooms, brought up my name a couple times, and joined the audio music room within a minute of me joining it. I've dealt with kasane harassing/borderline harassing me in the past as part of my job. However, I am just a regular player currently, and I'm just sick and tired of him harassing me. I've already made attempts to get him to leave me alone but he refuses to stop talking to/about me. On top of that, I often see him annoying other players in discord and in the server and I'm concerned that he is, once again, up to his old tricks. He's been perma banned I don't know how many times now. I feel that people shouldn't have to constantly deal with him. So I'm requesting that he receive a formal warning, and I'm also requesting that he be told by staff to LEAVE ME ALONE. I don't want him talking TO ME, and I don't want him talking ABOUT ME. This includes any attempt by him to apologize to me. I simply just want him to leave me alone from this point on
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Thanks for taking the time to let us know what's going on, we'll investigate the matter.

The player has been dealt with and was issued a ban on the discord and game server. We've had to deal with Kasane in the past. He's been given many chances to change but this is the final straw so a ban was given. Sorry you had to go through this with him. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Panda.
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