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Animal Slaughter, Disturbing, Permanent, Log ID: 1591690

Well the video I played in the theater was meant for a good laugh. I wanted to put a video that would be funny for the players to watch. It was a compilation of Joeysworldtour. I saw the video and thought, "Hey, this looks pretty funny", and I played the video. It was just a compilation of Joeysworldtour and him reviewing different foods and doing challenges. It was a good laugh and it was enjoyable for some. However, never would I have thought that the video would contain disturbing content. I was about to leave the server when I get banned for showing videos containing animal slaughter. I watched the video again and I saw the clip. I didn't notice it when I was showing it in the server, because it was a 2 second clip. This is my first time on the server and I don't know which videos are not allowed. But now I know I have to be more aware of the types of content I share on these types of servers.
Hi there ChubbyMonkeyy.
Thanks for taking the time to make an appeal.
As the admin who banned you I'll be assessing your appeal.

I talked with you on steam for a bit about your ban. As stated here you said you were unaware of the 2 clips in that video. One of a chicken getting shot and another of a dog getting gunned down. I'm sure your intention wasn't to play something as disturbing as that since the clips were fairly short and nuzzled in at one point of the 15 minute video. It's very likely you didn't know about them being in there. I understand that you're a new member to the server and you likely weren't fully aware of the rules at the time. You're responsible for the videos you queue and should check through them a bit to make sure that it doesn't contain any rule breaking content. Things like animal death, real life death and other extremely disturbing things are content we most definitely don't allow here and like in this case will result in bans. Though considering that you are a new member and it wasn't your intention to disturb anyone with the video I'll be reducing it to 2 months. It's the minimum I'm willing to give since the clips are graphic. When you do come back from your ban I suggest you take some time to review the rules listed here and like I said it's best you seek through what you queue to make sure if it breaks any of the rules. It may be an annoyance to do so for videos as long as that but it's well worth it over getting in trouble. If you're unsure of anything do feel free to ask a moderator online using the @ symbol followed by your message in chat.

Your ban expires 10/26/16 16:48:49
See you then.

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