chat box redesign


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Redesigning the chat box would be a nice feature to yukitheater, possibly a chat box that is more simple and nice to look at, or maybe a chat box that's complex and has a lot of features. The reason I suggest this is because I've seen a lot of servers with custom chat boxes and I think a new aesthetic will add that small feature of quality to catch the user's attention. I wanna hear your thoughts and opinions on this.

please note that I don't exactly mean the type of chat you see in cbc.
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Inspiration has a Custom Chatbox. We may bring it to YukiTheater at some point.

Clickable links yes. Literally any images at all in the chatbox, except maybe Emoticons at some point, no.

Will there be a small border around letters for names so they don't blend into the chatbox background? ie your blue name on blue background could have letter bordering to help differentiate between the two?
EDIT: Or maybe just lightening the background of the chatbox?