Changing your Shadow Miku player model outline color

If you have the shadow miku but you're white here's I way to change your color without having the leave the server.
That website has RGB color sliders that can help pick the color you want. Now to change the color:
1. Open your console, if you don't know how to do that press the "~" key next to the number 1 key.
2. Go to that website to find the color you want
3. Type "cl_playercolor <insert the numbers of the RGB slider here>"
4. Then type kill in the console, and exit the console.
5. Just come back to life.

And that's how you change the color of your model on yuki.
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Or you can go to Singleplayer and change the color of your model by holding C x3 but that would require you to leave the server, so this is good.

Kasane Teto

Even better: do this in console to make a bind for certain colors:

bind <KEY> "cl_playercolor <insert the numbers of the RGB slider here>"


Actually it's not the values of the sliders since player color is stored in a vector. It needs to be a value between 0-1 otherwise the value is literally just clamped to 1.
r/255, g/255, b/255 would be the actual way to do it so
123, 255, 32 would be
cl_playercolor 0.482 1 0.125
123/255 = 0.482
255/255 = 1
32/255 = 0.125