Changing your Shadow Miku player model outline color

If you have the shadow miku but you're white here's I way to change your color without having the leave the server.
That website has RGB color sliders that can help pick the color you want. Now to change the color:
1. Open your console, if you don't know how to do that press the "~" key next to the number 1 key.
2. Go to that website to find the color you want
3. Type "cl_playercolor <insert the numbers of the RGB slider here>"
4. Then type kill in the console, and exit the console.
5. Just come back to life.

And that's how you change the color of your model on yuki.
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Or you can go to Singleplayer and change the color of your model by holding C x3 but that would require you to leave the server, so this is good.
Console is superior. You can set your favorite colors to binds and don't have to leave the server.
Even better: do this in console to make a bind for certain colors:

bind <KEY> "cl_playercolor <insert the numbers of the RGB slider here>"
Actually it's not the values of the sliders since player color is stored in a vector. It needs to be a value between 0-1 otherwise the value is literally just clamped to 1.
r/255, g/255, b/255 would be the actual way to do it so
123, 255, 32 would be
cl_playercolor 0.482 1 0.125
123/255 = 0.482
255/255 = 1
32/255 = 0.125