Fixed Can't Queue Lucky☆Star Episodes from MoeTube in YukiTheater

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Summary of Issue Encountered:
When queuing an episode of Lucky☆Star, it says "There was a problem processing the requested video."

Expected Result:
Video should queue and start playing on screen.

Actual Result:
A blue box appears, stating: "There was a problem processing the requested video."

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Copy the link to an episode of Lucky☆Star from MoeTube.
2. In YukiTheater, open the Video Request Menu.
3. Paste the episode link into the white box.
4. Press enter on your keyboard to submit the video request.

I think this bug is mostly do to the "☆" character in the anime's title. Other anime's from MoeTube will queue just fine, but because of the "☆" in "Lucky☆Star", the link is thrown off and the video request is unable to be processed.

In my browser, the URL looks like this:☆star
but when you actually copy and paste the link, it looks like this:☆star
The same applies to the episode link requested to be queued. I tried manually replacing the "%E2%98%86" with the "☆" character within the link, but the video was still unable to be processed. This is what lead me to the conclusion that the "☆" character was throwing the entire link off, and it's why I think this bug is probably not fixable.
Goddammit. It's definitely that. The String Matching Pattern I'm using only alphanumeric characters as well as -, _, and /. It expects nothing else, meaning the link is being interpreted as: /anime/6084/lucky

That's also why % replacements don't work. I'll stick a Trello Card up for this issue in a sec.
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