Expired/Recalled Brandon's Ban Appeal

Brandon Lee

New Member
Steam Username - gg boys

Length of Ban - 1 Week

Staff Member that Banned You - Liquidus

Ban Reason - Playing "hentai"

Why You Should Be Unbanned - As stated above, I was banned for the duration of a week for supposedly playing hentai. I was playing http://myanimelist.net/anime/6987/Aki-Sora?q=aki so ; this anime is ecchi and not hentai, and can be found directly on KissAnime. Halfway into the anime, I was abruptly banned without being spoken to beforehand. I find this absurd that I was banned for 7 days for playing "hentai" which was not the case. This is my first offense on this server and I believe that a 7 day ban for something that I did not explicitly do is unacceptable. As a side note, I did read the rules prior to my ban and it did state that ecchi, to some extent is allowed, however, that extent was not specifically stated. If an admin believed that I was breaking the rules, they should have spoken to me so that the situation could have been thoroughly assessed without misunderstanding of the misdemeanors that may have occurred. My ban needs to be revoked, as this type of behavior from the staff is 1) unprofessional and 2) shows that some staff members would rather take the easy way out and just insta-ban someone whom they believe is breaking the rules instead of speaking to them before assessing their punishment.