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[MLG] Pingu

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I adore your server! It's fun and has an awesome community but a huge set back are some blacklisted videos. Me and my friend were playing this server and some videos that had about a 2 second ear rape was blacklisted and we don't put the videos loud so the ear rape could be barely heard(by the way there mlg videos but they weren't a full ear rape video but that might be the issue) ik ear rape is against the rules but it should be taken to a less severe extent and ik you are just trying to make the cinema server a better place to be. Server is still great no matter if you blacklist all mlg videos :D
[MLG] Pingu
P.S the name has nothing to do with the issue
Hi there Pingu.
Good to see you're enjoying the sever so far.
As it currently stands, any form of ear rape in videos whether it be sudden increases in volume, loud distorted sounds, clipping audio, or any combination of them would be against the rules.
The rules state that such things aren't allowed "Earrape (Sudden increases in Volume, etc), most Montage Parodies".
Videos like this are considered annoying by most users. Even a 2 second surprise increase in volume is enough to irritate someone, especially if they are unaware of it and have their volume up.
Montage parodies like the ones you've queued often have ear rape like this. Even if it's a short portion of the video it can still be blacklisted.
We'll have to keep this policy since we don't want users running into loud annoying content while on the server.
Not all montage parodies are against the rules though. Feel free to queue any that don't break the rules.
I suggest you seek through any of these video before you queue them to make sure they don't contain any rule breaking content. Refer to the rules page here or type /rules on the server.
If you're unsure about a video you can ask online staff to review it for you. Use @ before your message to contact us.
If no staff is online consider not queuing it at all.
Thanks for taking the time to make this post.
Thank you for your time replying to my post and I totally agree with you that it annoys players and I'm fully aware of the rules. Thank you for your time :)
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