Denied Ban Appeal

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Steam Username:

Length of Ban: Undetermined

Staff Member that Banned You: Last time I tried to appeal my ban, the person who dealt with my appeal said he was no longer a member of the staff. I cant remember the name of the person who dealt with my last appeal either.

Ban Reason: I played ear rape videos, i think maybe terrorism and IRL death as well.

Why You Should Be Unbanned: Well since its been a long time since the ban (one plus years I think) and the mod who banned me originally also isn't a member of the staff anymore. Also, the last person who dealt with my appeal said to come back in a few months (I think its been either three or four months) and they would re-consider it. I wish I could provide screenshots of my last post here but I had trouble logging in through my e-mail so I just did it through steam. Its been a long time so I figured it was worth a shot to appeal my ban.


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Hello Patruck. Just like last time, the moderator who originally banned you is no longer on staff, and the moderator who last dealt with your appeal is also no longer on staff, so I will be taking care of it this time. Your ban reason is as follows:

Ear Rape:
Civil Unrest/Terrorist Footage:
Real Life Death:

Looking through these videos, it's fairly obvious why you would be permanently banned. The last video alone would have gotten you permanently banned. As stated last time, the ear rape is minor compared to the other videos, but they don't exactly help either. Considering the number of rule breaking videos and the type of footage they contain, it's almost like you were going out of your way to get banned. That, or you have a disturbing sense of humor. Like last time, this appeal will be denied. The types of videos you play are not allowed and make me feel like you wouldn't fit into this community. You are free to appeal again in 3 months if you think this opinion will have changed by then.

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