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Steam Username

Length of Ban

Staff Member that Banned You
I believe it was ReconZer0

Ban Reason
Real life death

Why You Should Be Unbanned

A little over 3 months ago, (Wednesday November 2nd, 2016) I was banned for playing a video that had a real life death in it. I was with my friends in a private theater just watching normal videos, and I went to go look for a video for us to watch on my browser. I stumbled upon a video called "funny vine." Looking at the thumbnail, it looked like a fairly innocent video. The thumbnail was a picture of Akari from "Yuru Yuri," and in the background, you can see a guy on what appeared to be a scooter. Rather stupidly, without watching the video, I played it in the theater and was rather shocked. I was aware that YukiTheater has fairly strict rules on the type of content that can be played, so when I saw what this video really was, I got nervous. After a few minutes, I was banned. I'm not going to say that I did nothing wrong because obviously I should have watched the video before playing it, but it really does suck being banned from Yuki. YukiTheater is the only server that makes it easy to watch anime with friends online, and I would be very happy if I could be unbanned. I have been wanting to watch anime with my friends, but without YukiTheater, it's quite difficult. If I am unbanned, I promise to be a lot more careful about what kind of videos I play, and I promise to act a lot more civilized than I have in the past.

Here's the video that I played:

Thank you for your time,

As you have stated, ReconZero was the one who banned you. You also stated why. Recon has since stepped down, so I will be taking care of this appeal.

Looking into the thumbnail, it would be fairly easy to make the mistake you did. However looking at the length of the video, a mere 8 seconds, you should have taken that time to watch it first. At that length there's no real excuse for not knowing what it contained. You had also literally just that day gotten off of another ban for 10 days for various reasons. Immediately getting banned not even a day later doesn't look very good for you. Due to these reasons, I'm going to deny this appeal. You are free to try again in 3 months if you wish.

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