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So I was banned maybe over a year ago? I honestly don"t remember what the reason was for. I think it might of been for playing ear rape or something. The ban was perma from what I remember. I was wondering since it has been so long could I have another chance? I can assure it wont happen again, this theater server is the only one my friends use that's why I'm trying to appeal this ban. We just want to watch videos together, no more shenanigans :(

Not sure what info I need to post but if needed, let me know and I will try to provide the information.
Hello there I will be responding to your Ban Appeal since the moderator that banned you is no longer here so lets get started with what you were banned for:

Civil Unrest, Ear Rape, Real Life Death, Permanent, Log IDs: 841081, 841037, 741466, 741470, 841016, 841034, 841016, 840917, 841004

As you already stated you were perma banned about a little over a year ago. However I am gonna have to deny your appeal due to the fact that several of the videos you played are really bad which ultimately was probably the reason you were banned permanently. Some of these being videos of terrorist attacks such as 9/11, ISIS Videos or even videos that contained a person dying on camera such as a shooting. The Ear Rape you mentioned is more minor but still not allowed. I am sorry but I can not allow someone that plays this type of content back into the community. You may try to make another appeal in a couple of months and we may consider it.

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