Reduced Ban Appeal

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Not sure what I did but for the following reasons that I was supposedly banned I am innocent of.
Did not request a loop, "tease", spoilers, or ecchi.
I understand that it is only for five days, but that seems a bit much for not requesting any of those.

Steam Username

Tōkaidō Shinkansen

Length of Ban
5 days

Staff Member that Banned You
not sure

Ban Reason
loop, "tease", spoilers, or ecchi.

Why You Should Be Unbanned

Didn't request any of the above


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Hi Tōkaidō. Thanks for taking the time to make a ban appeal.
I was the moderator that banned you so I'll be handling your appeal.

Your ban reason is as follows:
Tease, Loop, Spoilers, Ecchi, 5 Days, Log IDs: 1653371, 1653548, 1657067
The video log ids for each video are listed here bellow: - Ecchi - Loop - Tease

That's the raw proof of the videos you've posted that broke our rules. You were warned for them as well.
The spoilers part of this ban was because of you showing secret theaters to new guests the other day.
Your reason for not deserving the ban doesn't really hold up given the proof in the video logs.
I can agree that 5 days would seem like a lot given that it's only 4 light offences, this is your fist ban, and you're relatively new to the server.
I would be willing to reduce it down one day but no further since I believe that there isn't much excuse for not following the rules after 3 prior warnings. That's what I'll leave it at, 4 days.

When you do return please be sure to read up and follow the rules listed here. If you're unsure about anything you'd like to play or do feel free to ask a moderator using the in game admin chat. You can message online staff by typing @ followed by your message.

Your ban will expire 10/21/16 22:47:06
Hope to see you then.

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