Reduced Ban appeal

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New Member
Steam Username
Spearmann66 \☮/

Length of Ban
3 weeks

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
Mic spam, harassment

Why You Should Be Unbanned
I have to say....I'm sorry I've done a horrible thing to tell someone to go kill himself! It's really against human morals and ethics to take death lightly and must not be tolerated to tell someone to put an end to his life even as if it were out of annoyance or as a joke. I wish to apologize for my unruly actions and I wish to put an end to this habit of joking about death.

Also, I wish to say sorry for mic. spamming even if it was unintentional and I had no idea how loud could the sounds had been when I used a mic that is in close proximity to a construction site. I sincerely apologize for ignoring such troublesome noises that greatly disturbed conversations among players in the lobby and around it. I had been repeatedly warned and excused for this but I know that it wouldn't be tolerated any longer then, so I understand the circumstances and my lack of reaction to people's discomfort from the noise.

I hope for a clearer understanding of why I should be appeased of my guilt with this letter and I hope I would be a better person in the future.

Spearmann66 \☮/
Hi there Spearmann. Thank you for taking time to make an appeal.
Zerac is currently away so he won't be able to reply to your appeal.
He left me with the responsibility of replying to your appeal in his place.

First off here is your correct ban data:
Mic spam, Harassment, 1 Month - (Expires 07/29/16)

In the past you've been given several warnings and even two bans because of your actions towards others. You've been seen harassing or being involved in harassment of other players and are surely known for often rambling over your mic saying sometimes incoherent or disturbing things which would go into the mic spam part of your ban. This has been a common occurrence for quite some time and at this point the staff and many of our players are tired of it. When you return from your ban I'd like to strongly suggest that you discontinue any of those actions if you wish to remain in this community any longer. It rally has to stop. If you can agree to that and stick to your apology then I don't see any reason not to have you back. Despite being a peculiar member of our community I can choose to see past that and accept your apology to us. You seem to understand what you've done so I'd like give your ban length a slight reduction. Just know that when you return if you're involved with any of the activities that earned you your previous bans that it won't be taken lightly and will result in a longer if not permanent ban from YukiTheater.
Your ban will expire 07/24/16 02:14:28, 5 days from today.
Be good Spearmann.

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