Denied Ban appeal

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Steam Username

Length of Ban
4 weeks

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
Spoilers Watching Over rated Videos,

Why You Should Be Unbanned
I was watching a scene From sex in the city, Then posted in chat i had been watching hentai, Which i wasnt really doing, So Patanima Told me to stop, so with Noire. And i Left Came back, I was banned, I love this server, I would never redo this Idiotic mistake, And i seriously apollogize i love the server and everyone in it.
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Look, i have been on this server for a good minute. I spend everyday on this server, I dont want an unban, I just want a reduction, I dont think that was worth 4 weeks, Could i atleast cut that in half? i miss the server, I love this server, Being able to meet everyone who loves anime, And watch videos all together, So i would be willing to pay USD, Money to get out of my ban. I really love this server, The people are amazing, I didnt mean to offened anyone, i was just joking around with the people on the server, I love them, i made sure not to make it to crazy, And still, i manage to notice i did a lot rong, And i apollogize Just aleast be honest with me ok?
Hi there Shiore! I'm the moderator that banned you. Here's you ban information:
Moderator who banned you: Noire
Reason: Pornography, Trolling, Spoilers, Discrimination
Length: 4 weeks
Video Log ID: 1409479

I'd like to start by saying the video you played was certainly not from the series "Sex and the City" as it contained pornographic material in it. You have several incidents from the past on multiple days and even a previous ban.Beyond that you brush up against the rules almost daily, as such I will not be reducing or repealing your ban

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