Denied Ban Appeal for Kolonel Bogdanoff

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Steam Username: Kolonel Bogdanoff

Length of Ban: 1 month

Staff Member that Banned You: Funk/Fergmaster4 (I forget the name)

Ban Reason: "Discrimination, Gore, Ear Rape, Loop"

Why You Should Be Unbanned:
I was first queued two videos, the ones below
I asked if racism was allowed in global, and I was told no, so I removed the Moonman video before it played. I forgot that the Pink Guy song contained racist lyrics (not even slurs, just straight up saying "I hate X") so I left it up. I was tp'd to the admin room before the Pink Guy song played (I guess admins have a list of recently queued videos that they review?) and asked why I queued these. I told him I removed the Moonman one and asked him why the Pink Guy one was racist. He informed me that that video was discriminatory. Then my Gmod crashed, which happens to me every once in a while on cinema servers. I honestly don't see the point in banning someone for queuing videos that aren't even played and instantly removed. It would have made much more sense to simply warn me and remove the videos, although it's possible that the admin interpreted my crash as an intentional disconnect. I don't know where the Ear Rape, Gore, and Loop charges come from, Discrimination is the only thing either of those videos could fall under.
Ok so after i teleported you to the admin room you were saying how you have been banned before almost as if you found it funny. The Ear Rape, Gore, and Loop charges are from your previous warnings(we dont tend to ban for only one offense unless it is very severe). But more to the point about the discrimination videos here, the player is held responsible for the videos they request (so you should watch them or have a general since of what they are before you queue them). Both of those videos very clearly have racist intent which is against the rules which you should know by now, Especially after being banned twice before. Your unban date is 03/08/17

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