ballmeat, aka zakanator

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(Who you are reporting [Player name with Steam ID])
ballmeat aka zakanator
(Time of incident)
Some time in the last week or so
(Relevant information [Screenshots, Video Log IDs/Chat Logs, etc])
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Painkiller wanted to show patanima a video made in memory of TheHero. I'm assuming he told pat in lobby to follow him so he could should him the video. Ballmeat, aka zakanator, who I assume heard this conversation, rushed ahead to buy the theater. He then skipped the video, locked the queue, and antagonzied Painkiller further. Then he posted this video. I think that his actions are absolutely horrendous and disgusting. To do such a thing so soon after Hero's death is just entirely wrong. This is not his first, second, or third time antagonizing other players. As moderator, I saw him do this multiple times. In defence of painkillers reaction towards him and the other players, I can't blame him for being so upset. I'd like this video to be blacklisted as trolling. I see no reason (except to be an asshole) why you would a)pull this kind of stunt and b)post it online for others to see. This sort of behaviour is something I believe no one in the community, or anyone who knew hero, would want. So I am requesting that higher staff consider or speak about banning or perma banning zakanator.

*edit* This video has been locked by the owner, zakanator. However, I have downloaded a copy of the video because I thought this sort of thing might happen. Please PM me for a link
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I've talked with Zakanator about the incident. I've explained to him that this type of behavior won't be tolerated on our server. He received a final warning. Any other reports of harassment or trolling and he will receive a ban. The video has been blacklisted. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
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