Aug 9, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added Billiards (Removed until I can fix the atrocious amount of glitches with them)
  • Added Slot Machines (Thanks to Sam for letting us use his code/content!)
  • Added Colors and Increased size to Rules and Donator Text Headers
  • Decreased Sound of Piano Notes
  • Fixed being unable to sit on Piano Seat
  • Added 4 Achievements (THIRD BEST ONII-CHAN, True Gamer, Window Shopper, and chu lu chu chu~)
  • Added Lottery Info 3D2D Text Board
  • Changed Busy Baking Achievement from 10 AFK Times to 5
  • Hopefully fixed the I Get Around Achievement as well as adding Notifications of Progress to it
  • Added /fullscreen Chat Command
  • Added /afk Chat Command
  • Added Preliminary Code for Hats (It's hard, but I am trying to get them added...)
  • Private Room Owners can now Ban people from entering their room
  • Replaced a whole lot of After Disaster Font with an Ubuntu Font, getting rid of the issues with missing glyphs
  • Added "(/me)" prelude to every /me Chat Command to avoid confusion with System Announcements
  • Optimized a bunch of stuff with the Fancy HUD Announcements System
  • Optimized a few things on the HUD, replaced Waffles on AFK Notification with Fuko Starfish that change to random locations every 2 Seconds
  • Fixed Force-skipping skipping the video twice in some situations
  • Added Announcement for when somebody removes a Video from the Queue
  • Disabled PVP