Aug 30, 2022


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Jul 12, 2022.

  • Player disconnect messages now ignore invalid players (stops potential for spam from joining players)
  • Chat: Add /whisper to "probably meant /pm" chat commands
  • Added mem_max_heapsize and mem_min_heapsize tweaks to Multicore enhancements
  • Admin: Updated Bad Character list

  • EntityEmitSound: Improved clientside sound handling including all ambient_generic playing from origin and Looped sounds not working at all
  • Player Class: Added PredictedGravity to allow per-player gravity modifications
  • Fairy Pet: No longer rotates synced with all other Fairy Pets, Improved Interactable detection, Increased range slightly, and Added seats system integration
  • Media: Solstream now automatically adjusts resolution based on "best effort" out of the available ones for the current stream
  • Media: Fixed(?) Volume Keys (-/+) sometimes bumping the volume more than once (ex. 10% instead of 5%)
  • Location: Added sgs_prop_physics that automatically replaces all prop_physics on the map to prevent breakability and show correct "Pick Up/Put Down" HUD prompts
  • Media: Improved ClientMediaInfo updates, preventing duration from going "backwards"
    • Fixes someone walking in late and trying to send the duration of an ad/recap/etc
  • Seats: Added offsets for Chair Plastic 01 and Yuki's Chill Pool Seat
  • Media: Fixed Media sometimes not having an assigned MySQLID once something goes to interact with it (and breaking everything)
  • Media: Rewrote how Queue Removal works to use unique MySQLIDs and table.remove for automatic table-compacting
  • Media: Fixed Media Log not being updated with new info if the media is skipped during a ClientMediaInfo update
  • Media: Fixed Blacklist queue removal possibly removing the wrong media due to removing-while-iterating the Queue table
  • Location: Added visibility fix for the new sprites in Yuki's Manga Shop
  • Interactions: Standardized how built-in map entities are handled

  • Updated Map to v2.6
    • The Manga Shop now has a second floor where you can relax with a view
    • We finally got someone to (mostly) fix the lights on the second floor of the Cursed School, and it turns out there's a Gym up there! Complete with Basketballs and hoops!
    • The Pool is now stocked with Beachballs
    • Gone are Private Theaters 7 through 14...
    • ...Replaced with an Onsen now part of the Chill Area!
    • Several props have been unbolted from the map and are now able to be picked up/thrown/etc (try it in VR!)
  • 2 New Achievements
    • Collector's Edition (300 Credits): Vomit on Manga
    • Lightly Fractured (300 Credits): Watch "AMV - Fracture" by TheBestAMVsOfAllTime
  • Media: (Re-)Added the Fracture AMV low gravity effect
  • Added an MOTD to Karaoke (Senior Mods/Devs can change this one)
  • E1M1: Fixed the map's auto-spawned RPG/Crossbow being destroyed incorrectly during cleanup
  • Location: Reduced Chill Area's ambience volume
  • Map Config: Fixed Main Theater/Blue Hallway/Red Hallway/Karaoke mis-alignment/gaps
  • Entities: Added Beachball and Basketball
We're full-steam ahead with Olympus now! Look forward to more updates as we're finally able to start flexing its capabilities.

Also a reminder that Solstice Game Studios is 100% Community-Funded! If you have some extra cash laying around and like what we're doing, please consider Donating!

Hope you had a great summer! Love you all đź’•
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