Aug 15, 2015


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Fixed KissAnime again! :D
  • Massively Optimized Cinema's Location System
  • Fixed YouTube Videos not playing above 360p
  • Fixed Vimeo Videos sometimes not autoplaying
  • Added an "Overview Menu" for Theaters, so new players used to Q and players that can't use the F-Keys can do theater actions
  • Properly muted Footsteps, Zombies, and Camera when inside of Theaters
  • Fixed(?) the Private Theater Player Filter system being unreliable
  • Added a Confirmation Window for Credits Transfers
  • Players are no longer able to make Credits Transfers if there are multiple matches for the specified Username
  • Added YukiBot Responses for "I'm stuck," "What is YukiBot made of?," and "What/Who is Nubby?"
  • Playtime is now trackable over periods of time (players can't actually see this yet)
  • Made the Main Theater Elevator Button Sound clientside only
  • Added a way for Moderators+ to kick players from Instruments
  • Made the Rent Expiring message more obvious (again)
  • Fixed the Rent Expiring message not appearing again if it had already appeared once
  • Aliased /fullscreen to /full and /togglecontrols to /tc
  • Fixed restrictions on Theater Naming so players can't copy other theaters anymore
  • Fixed UpdateRequest Error with KissAnime
  • The Flash Player Missing Warning no longer only displays once
  • Fixed an exploit with ULX's Entity Spawning command that would allow Lua to be run Serverside
  • Made the Katana Sound quieter