Aug 15, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added 5 New Achievements (Funky Goodness, It's a Nyanderful World, Geeky Friday, I Am Mad Scientist, and It's So Cool!)
  • Added 5 New Playermodels (Kanade Tachibana (returning), Batman, Hei, Remilia, and Skeleton)
  • Added 11 New Popcorn Kernels (List is too long...)
  • Updated MySQLOO to v8.1
  • Reworked a lot of the Lottery System and added debugging to improve stability and hopefully fix a couple of issues
  • Reworked some of the Seats system to hopefully fix issues with cleanup/un-enterable seats
  • Fixed support and removed (defunct) Justin.TV support
  • Doubled Music Visualizer Bars and added Progress Bar to Chill Area, BASS Test, and Lobby Music (HUD) Music Players
  • Scoreboard now shows who is currently muted by you (Mic buttons stay Red)
  • Nerfed the Credit Milestone Achievements because they were being abused
  • Credit Transfers are now Logged in MySQL
  • Chill Area Music Player is now controlled by F4's Volume Setting
  • Added 30-Second Cooldown to Refreshing the Chill Area Music Player
  • Added a check to fix Clientside GetSound error with the Piano
  • Added a check to fix Clientside Spinners error with Slots
  • Added a check to fix Clientside Credits Transfer Error
  • Added a check to fix Clientside Nil Auditorium Error with the Skip Menu
  • Added a check to fix Serverside MutedPlayers error
  • Added /kill Chat Command for suiciding
  • Moved all Queued MySQL Query systems from using Timers to using callback to improve performance and stability
  • Video Log Entries now Log everybody in the Auditorium when the video ends
  • Changed some syntax for how Lua Errors are logged
  • Removed what was left of the old SAO HUD from the Clientside HUD code