Aug 11, 2020


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Feb 11, 2020.

  • Updated v2 Map to RC2
    • A New Map Update brought to you by our very own MrMuffinz!
    • A Story to Discover: A path has been opened, with Journal entries scattered along its way!
    • New Secret Locations: 3 New A whole new area of the map, complete with 3 new Secret Theaters!
    • Improved Lobby: A bigger lobby with more seating and legroom, and plenty of decoration!
    • Zombies Return: Fight zombies, including New Types not seen before, with your choice of a Katana or Snowballs for Credits and Achievements!
  • Added 9 New Achievements
    • Force From Your Heart (1,000 Credits): Attempt to open a Mysterious Hatch (and succeed)
    • I am the keymaster (500 Credits): I am the (first) gatekeeper
    • What... Still Here? (1,000 Credits): Discovered long forgotten remnants of the past
    • I Can See My House From Here! (1,500 Credits): Reached a familiar view
    • School's Out Forever (1,000 Credits): Found an old buried classroom...
    • All Will Be Flesh (1,000 Credits): Discover the fate that awaits us all
    • The End Has Arrived (2,000 Credits): Found the 7 journal pages left behind by the expedition crew, and discovered their fates
    • Me and The Boys at 2AM (2,000 Credits): b e a n
    • You're not supposed to be here! (2,000 Credits): Huh?
  • Players now suffer Fall Damage (10 HP) when in areas where players can take damage
  • Snowballs now deal 10 damage instead of 25
  • Snowballs now damage anything and everything, except players if not in a Snowball Fight
  • Snowball Fight kills now reward 25 Credits, up from 10 Credits
  • Zombie Kills are now worth 5 Credits for Guests and 10 Credits for Donators, up from 1 and 3 respectively
  • Replaced Armitunes with as the default Lobby Music since the former is dead
  • Rearranged nearly all SWEP weapon slot positions so Slot 3 stops having literally almost everything
  • Added a cooldown to Melon Dispensers
  • HUD Interaction now shows everything but seats while in Theaters
  • Increased HUD Interaction Crosshair alpha while in Theaters
  • Fixed SetHull/SetHullDuck errors
  • Fixed Window Shopper and I Get Around achievements not using the actual number of theaters that exist
  • Fixed cinema_fullscreen_freeze allowing players to freeze/unfreeze on a whim
  • Chat commands no longer care about casing
  • Added "Cinema WILL NOT WORK" warning for players not on the x86-64 branch
  • CEFCodecFix detection is now much more reliable
  • Fixed Discord account linking
  • Fixed Twitch API calls
  • Fixed YouTube API Key Quota Exceeded detection
  • Fixed HUD computer battery indicator always being visible if a battery is present at all (no more constant green bar on laptops/desktops with a UPS)
  • Fixed HP on the HUD showing <0 HP in some scenarios
  • Fixed HP on the HUD showing >0 HP while dead in some scenarios
  • Fixed Katana not always emitting hit/swoosh sounds
  • Fixed being able to spin Slot Machines while not actually being at the machine
  • Fixed theater ambience always overriding existing location ambience
  • Removed DreamAnime support (dead)
  • Players now respawn at the Mysterious Place gate instead of at the Lobby if they died while over it
  • Added seat offsets needed for v2 RC2
  • Fixed weird playermodel collisions stuff going on due to mismatched content between the Client and Server
  • Fixed an exploit involving VIP Passes
We hope you enjoy this update, we put a lot into building a new puzzle, plenty of secrets, a return of zombies, and all new achievements for you all!

We're also hard at work on both Project Olympus and the v2 RC3 map update, so keep an eye out for those within the coming months!

Love You All! <3
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