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Reduced Atmogenic Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by ℛℇɱУ, Apr 15, 2016.

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  1. ℛℇɱУ

    ℛℇɱУ New Member

    Apr 15, 2016
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    Length of Ban

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    Ban Reason
    Disturbing videos

    Why You Should Be Unbanned

    I was banned because I was scammed by a so called "friend" who promised to give me a game if I did a certain something on the server which I was completely against with but he succeed, I got banned and he removed me so I got banned for being scammed (tricked)
  2. patanima

    patanima Active Member Donator

    Dec 30, 2015
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    Hey there Remy. I'll list the reason you were banned here.
    Animal Slaughter, Loop, Disturbing, Permanent, Log IDs: 1270814, 1270792
    First I'd like to say that you alone are responsible for what videos you queue on the server.
    Usually we don't appeal bans like this for that reason.
    I've talked with you and your friend on steam about this in more detail. Your story looks to check out as your friend confirmed it.
    He provided the videos for you to queue, waited for you to get banned, and deleted you after, not providing the game as promised.
    One of the videos he had you queue was rather gruesome and that's ultimately the reason for your permanent ban.
    I'd be willing to give you a second chance considering it wasn't your full intent to break the rules. I'd like for you to take the time to review our rules here. Also please be more careful what you take part in. Don't be so gullible to have yourself banned for something as simple as a game.
    I'll reduce this and leave you with one month on your ban.
    Your unban time is now 05/15/16 20:06:11
    See you then.

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Not open for further replies.