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[In game name] Armin

[Steam ID]STEAM_0:0:93518115

[Length of Ban] Perm

[Who banned you]patanima

[Reason why you were banned]
Disconnect: Kicked by patanima(STEAM_0:1:101369160) (Banned permanently: [Alt:STEAM_0:1:43085888] CBCJL DDoSing, Doxxing, Harassment, etc. Permanent.).

[Reason why you want to get unbanned]
Hello, my name is Dr.Pepper 10.
Im a "well known" player in CBC and have been for the past 2 years, until recently.
Now, Im going to go into a bit of backround between me and this server. so you can skip this if you want.
In 2013, I discovered CBC, by a guy named VideoWarrior, at the time I did not know he was owner, but when I asked about the changes to the server, he said he was. Me and him came close freinds, and I met his freind Twilight SparkleHole. He was a quiet guy, but always looking for ways to improve. Anyway, we all had fun, posting videos, and chillin. Video loved being creative, making new maps, servers, and fucking around. He was a chill dude and never gave a fuck about what people thought of him. This Upset Twilight, but Videowarror didnt know. Video then went to collage and gave co owner to twilight. This is when things went awful. As soon as he did this twilight stole the servers of Videowarrior, banned him, and removed his owner. Videowarror was in a fucking wreck, to see a man so sad made me sick, and I despised twilight for it. But it was OUR server, so I had to move on.
I came into some videos and images known as lolicon, look it up if you have to. As you know CBC loves to put shock videos, and this was my thing, and when I did it around Videowarrrior he was chill and fine, but when I did it around twilight, he was ferocious, and banned me for being "a pedo". Fast foward, a bit, Ive been browsing some other websites, 4chan closes sort of, so I can get more pics to mess with people on 4chan and tf2, but I knew CBC hated it, so I never did it there again. Twilight found out about the sites I had visited and he accused me of being attracted to 7 year olds, and a pedophile. He seemed to ban me immanently and started DDOsing me.
I had enough with CBC and I quit forever, and I joined back on Yuki to just chill and watch anime.

Ok now for the main part
Back before the days of Twilights rule, Videowarrior and some of the main CBC trolls started raiding Yuki, including Twilight (Who for some reason has been cleared of his crimes?). I for one didnt give a single fuck about their social justice shit, as I quite like yuki and their relaxing nature, and I just stayed at CBC watching funny videos and stuff.
Then, Yuki had a mass ban of ALL CBC members, didnt matter if they where raiding or not, and banned everyone, including me. Now, I had not visited Yuki even once to troll or raid, as I knew Yuki has a different atmosphere of players. But They didnt care.
Anyway, when Twilight took control of CBC, he has repeatedly banned me for weeks on end for posting cartoons, and I then found out about myu ban at yuki. I was surprised, and didnt bother to make an appeal, it was a dumb mistake that would haunt me back to now.
Instead, I made an alt, Armin.
I came every now and then, watching anime like queens blade, watamote, and other silly stuff, and I loved it. I occasionally used discord and I made myself clear (Or at least I thought I did) That I was Dr,Pepper 10, I thought everyone forgot about me.
Anyway, I logged on today to join Yuki, after Twilight had banned me for visiting the 4chan clones.
He shilled me out, and the alt I made came to bite my ass.
JeJ!: also i'm going to ask my friends at yukitheater to get that alt of yours banned
JeJ!: because you deserve every bit of it
Thats twilights message he sent me.

Look, I am Dr.Pepper 10. I was a try hard troll on CBC
I know the rules of Yuki, and I try to follow them, but making that alt was a dumb mistake
If I made an appeal when I was first banned, I know I would have been unbanned, but I was to lazy.
Im sorry for the mistakes
But let me make this clear, some of you have been feed lies by Twilight
I am not a pedophile.
Im 17 years old, and Im attracted to anyone 13 and up.
I would never EVER bring that shit into Yuki, its not appropriate, and I know my limits.
Just because I used to post loli on CBC, doesnt make me a pedo.
You know how people post gay porn to troll?
Its the same thing

Its gross, and its wrong, and DOES NOT BELONG IN YUKI

I swear on my life, I will never do the things I did on CBC here, EVER!
I want a place where I can watch videos, without being attacked for what I do outside of the server.
I want peace with players, freinds to laugh with, not that immature shit on CBC
Im tired of the memes.

I should not have made this dumb alt...Im sorry
I can assure everyone here, I am not a "danger" to anyone here, I go to theripy 3 times a week for behavior problems, I am not a pedophile, and I know my limits.
I can also assure you I am not a "DDoSing, Doxxing, Harassment" Person, whatever that means.
Please, do not throw this appeal away in the denied, read through every word, listen to what I have had to say. Ive made so many enemy's on Gmod from my "trolling", Im done with my ways. So, please, will you be my friends?
~Nathan Hall
Hi there Armin.
Your original account Dr.Pepper 10, was banned for it's association with the CBCJL Steam Group.
The CBCJL was responsible for several attacks on our server and as a result anyone associated with this group was banned.
It came to my attention that day that your Armin account was indeed an alt for Dr.Pepper 10 and was then banned.
An alt account will not get you around a ban.
Furthermore, you've accumulated quite a few bans under this alt. 3 previous bans on Yuki and a ban on our discord server.
You say "I know the rules of Yuki, and I try to follow them" but having these bans and having been known to be a trouble maker disproves that.
Your association with CBC outside of the CBCJL is irrelevant. Your ban will remain permanent.

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