Accepted ArkCarbon's Ban Appeal

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Length of Ban

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Doesnt say

Ban Reason
Real Life Death, Ear Rape, Disturbing, Permanent, Log IDs: 2712151, 2712149, 2461753

Why You Should Be Unbanned
I dont know when I was banned, but it was quite a long time ago I think. Back then I was just hanging out with friends in a private theater and we were just watching random things for entertainment, it was quite late so anything was kinda enjoyable. I didn't really think it would matter that I played stuff in a private theater with friends on when it was late and not many people were on. I just want to be able to hop back on and watch random things with friends again. PS the videos were PoliceActivity vids it was more for an interest that night than just random death videos


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Hi Ark,

The staff and I have discussed, and we're willing to unban you on the condition that should you break the rules again, your ban will be reinstated. Please read the rules before you rejoin, and welcome back!

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