Apr 8, 2023


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Founder/Lead Developer
This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Dec 30, 2022.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary! 🎉

  • Minigames: Added Easter Egg Hunt as a Spring seasonal event
  • Added 10 New Achievements
    • Magic 8 Ball Says...: 3,600 Credits | Play 10 games of Eight Ball
    • Signs Point to Yes: 1,800 Credits | Win a game of Eight Ball
    • Outlook Good: 20,000 Credits | Win 100 games of Eight Ball
    • Outlook Not So Good: 20,000 Credits | Lose 100 games of Eight Ball
    • Drowning #8: 600 Credits | Lose a game of Eight Ball by pocketing the 8 ball before clearing your group
    • Precognition: 5,000 Credits | Win a game of Eight Ball by clearing your group and sinking the 8 ball in one shot
    • Swept Out: 5,000 Credits | Win a game of Eight Ball with a clean sweep (the other player never gets a turn)
    • Baker's Dozen: 1,200 Credits | Collect the most eggs in an Easter Egg Hunt (Spring-only)
    • The Big Egg: 600 Credits | Collect the largest egg in an Easter Egg Hunt (Spring-only)
    • Chicken Little: 600 Credits | Collect the smallest egg in an Easter Egg Hunt (Spring-only)
  • Added 4 New Hats for Spring
    • Seasonal Shop (Spring)
      • Egg Head (500 Credits)
      • Flower Crown 1 (1,000 Credits)
      • Flower Crown 2 (1,500 Credits)
      • Flower Crown 3 (1,500 Credits)
  • Added Join MOTD with Rules, Controls, etc
  • Slot Machine: Fixed 3D cursor still working while the real mouse cursor is up

  • Ported Eight Ball from GMCL, with new and improved Serverside Physics
  • Statistics: Added Elo Rating support for 2-player games (starting with Eight Ball; Elo Leaderboard coming soon)
  • Media: Added Yugen and Zoro anime services
  • Media: "Movie Night" is now automatically added to the server name when a Solstream Movie Night is playing
  • Media: Fixed media request limit being applied to Media Location Owners
  • Media: Fixed Crunchyroll post-beta
  • Media: Unregistered/Unsupported sub-services are now quickly skipped
  • Media: Added play-state syncing for (almost) all Services (some videos pause sometimes without us asking them to)
  • Media: Fixed several services having broken seeking (time-syncing was covering up the issue)
  • Media: Changed Request Browser background to white, since some sites don't have a background
  • Media: Removed AnimeTwist service (dead, rip the best there ever was)
  • Media: Fixed/Added several sub-services
  • GUI: Add Seasonal welcome/purchase messages to Shop GUI
  • GameEnts: Players now have their weapons holstered upon a game starting

  • Server Stats: Added Max Concurrent Players daily stat (finally!)
  • AutoRejoin: Now uses a Web API to determine when the server is back online rather than waiting 60 seconds and hoping for the best
  • Chat: Fixed Bold markdown not working
  • Chat: The player join message now matches the player disconnect message
  • Chat: Added Steam ID to disconnect messages
  • Chat: Fix non-player messages not having clickable links (ex. staff announcements)
  • Admin: Added God/Ungod
  • SGSModuleLoader: Slight optimizations, but make types more strict to hopefully solve "ghost-in-the-machine" bugs
  • Inventory: Bots are now ignored when counting New/Join Counts for daily stats
  • Server Stats: Bots are now ignored for Player Info
  • Admin: Players can no longer be marked AFK if they're already AFK
  • Inventory: Holstering weapons now calls WEAPON.Holster for better compatibility
  • Admin: SolAntiCheat improvements for DLL check

  • Added in-game MOTD webpage
  • Status: Added Max Concurrent Players count history
  • Moderation Log: Add missing MUTE and GAG log types, Fix Type filtering not working when searching by Steam ID
  • Media Log: Added Quick Jump for Media Log IDs and Location Names to logs
  • Status: Changed Last Updated to be relative (since nobody did the math with the old timestamp)
  • Status: Warn about server being offline after 30 seconds instead of 300 (heartbeat is every 15)
  • API: Improved Player Search error handling
  • API: Added Gamemode Info API
  • Added SGS ASCII art for developer console
  • Updated Copyright Year, also made it start in 2013 for Yuki (10 years!)
  • Updated theme-color to the Yuki Logo primary blue color (#0361E0, for Discord embeds and such)
  • Media Blacklist: Media Data now always has word-break
  • Fixed 32x32 avatar caching