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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Dec 18, 2021.

  • Inventory: Patched all (possible) playermodels to enable Custom Animations without breaking other addons
    • Special thanks to @Inco for figuring this out!
  • Admin: Added Supporter and Power Supporter ranks (more info coming soon!)
  • Settings: Added Taunts Volume
  • Settings: Added Show Console Messages for HTML Panels
  • Chat: Renamed `/msg` -> `/pm`
  • Chat: Renamed `/msgreply` -> `/pmr`
  • Chat: Added "no command" catches for /p, /pr, /msg, /msgreply, and /dm
  • Chatbox: Improve link/emoticon/greentext/markdown handling, including how well they can be mixed together
  • Admin: Added Username logging
  • Admin: ReloadLevel now checks if there's anything left in the DB queue before reloading (minimum 2 second delay, should help with restart data integrity)
  • Admin: Moderators are now auto-kicked if they've been AFK for too long
  • Admin: Chat Log now notes the Sender's Location and whether it was Global/Local
  • Inventory: Fixed being able to buy Items without having enough Currency in some circumstances
  • Weapon HUD: Fixed ammo sometimes appearing as finite even though its ammo type doesn't exist
  • GUI: Fixed Default Fonts on Linux
  • Admin / Chat: Added Message Emoji to Player-to-Player chat (PMs, Admin Chat)
  • Admin / Chat: Removed highlight color from Admin Chat and PMs
  • Inventory: Don't network Inventory to players that aren't fully loaded in yet (it'll all be overwritten anyway)
  • Admin: Players can no longer be rocketed while they're being rocketed
  • Admin: Fixed Spawn Entity controls for Senior Mods in GUI
  • Admin: Fixed updating a Permanent Ban always "updating" its Ban Expire Time
  • Admin: Fixed Ban Expire Time changes not saying "--> Permanent" when they're changed to Permanent
  • Admin: Fixed admins not being able to "go-to" players in weird places, even while no-clipped
  • Admin: Moved Chat Commands and Chat Command handling to Chat System proper
  • Admin: Renamed `sgs_msgadmins` -> `sgs_admin_msg`
  • Admin: Fixed Chat Log not capturing messages that have a valid chat command *anywhere* in the message
  • Admin: Fixed Hold Types/animation rate while no-clipping
  • Chat: All Chat Commands now have ConCommand equivalents and Rank support
  • Replace HTTP with CHTTP module (Steam HTTP sucks and doesn't return all Response Headers, among other things)

  • Taunts: Added Assert, Headbang, and Kazotsky
    • Kazotsky uses the new Custom Animations system, and there will be more taunts coming soon!
    • Kazotsky Playback Rate is set based on how drunk each player is
    • Taunt music pitch is adjusted based on how drunk the local player is
  • Media: Added Paramount+ Service
  • Media: Added Donation Total Income Multiplier to Media Payouts (Supporter-only)
  • Media: Added Direct Audio service with schema `audio-http(s)://` (Supporter-only)
  • Media: Added Direct Video service with schema `video-http(s)://` (Supporter-only)
  • GUI: Added separate Force/Vote Skip buttons to the Media Menu
  • Media: Added Player Global Queue Count Limits
  • Media: AFK players are no longer counted toward the number needed to Vote Skip
  • Media: Fixed Vote Skipping not saying who the last player that vote skipped was
  • Media: Fixed ALT+TABing while in Fullscreen causing players to immediately be marked AFK if the "ALT+TAB" timeout has elapsed
  • Media: Fixed Location Owners not being able to remove items from the Queue
  • Media: Players can no longer rent more than one Media Location
  • Media: Various recurring fixes to various services/sub-services (GoGoAnime, Netflix, Hulu, AniMixPlay, etc)
  • Media: Fixed AFK players getting Payouts if the media is paused/unpaused or the queue advances
  • Media: Fixed already-playing Media Thumbnails not appearing on join
  • Media: Improved "Load Failed" chat message, giving a list of stuff to try
  • Entities: Added Rocket Firework
  • Entities: Added Fairy, Koopa, and Watermelon Pets
  • GUI: Added scroll-zoom to Player Customize Menu
  • GUI: Fixed Interaction HUD not appearing while in a Movement-enabled Taunt
  • GUI: Fixed some settings being unchangeable right after changing them, due to the Item Reload
  • HUD: Player HUD Info now displays on players' ragdolls if dead
  • HUD: Player HUD Info now uses the player's Model Scale to offset the position of the info
  • Location: Ambience now gives up if it fails 3 times in a row
  • Items: Added jiggle-bone resetting to Reset Elixir
  • Achievements: Fixed Watch Party
  • Media: Added cooldown to Sign In Requests
  • Media: Added support for rank requirements on certain services
  • Media: Added Tips to the Request Menu
  • Media: Added x86-64/CEFCodecFix missing warning when media starts playing
  • Media: FFT (music visualizer) is now enabled if the Direct Audio service is playing
  • Media: Fixed "currently playing media" not being cleared when the queue is cleared (affected logs/status page)
  • Media: Fixed CEFCodecFix check on screens
  • Media: Fixed Media Payout sometimes causing double payouts
  • Media: Fixed Solstream service errors never appearing in chat
  • Media: Fixed sometimes attempting to give Payouts to invalid players
  • Media: Fixed updated media info not being networked correctly
  • Media: Fixed YouTube service matching against some URLs outside of its domain
  • Media: "Failed" media now keeps trying after "failing"
  • Media: Standardize "Video Player Timed Out" handling across all services
  • Media: Use Content-Disposition if available for default Direct Audio/Video Title
  • Minigames: Added Scheduled Event support
  • Minigames: Now maintains State/Players clientside regardless of if the local player is a part of it
  • Seats: Fixed not being able to sit while in a Movement-enabled Taunt
  • Taunts: Chat Commands are now handled through new `sgs_taunt` ConCommand
  • Weapons: Fixed holstering not telling the SWEP it's been holstered clientside
  • Inventory: Improved chat command detection while sluring due to alcohol
  • Entities: Fixed Fairy Pet spin position/rotation

  • Added/Updated 14 Items:
    • Pets
      • Fairy Pet (15,000 Credits)
      • Koopa Pet (12,500 Credits)
      • Watermelon Pet (10,000 Credits)
      • Added Pet Shopkeeper to Casino
    • Weapons
      • Glowstick (10,000 Credits)
      • Updated Popcorn Bucket with new model and to be colorable
    • Hats
      • Bunny Ears (3,000 Credits)
      • Marisa Hat (2,000 Credits)
      • Neptune Clips (1,500 Credits)
      • Reimu Bow (1,500 Credits)
      • Tobi Mask (2,500 Credits)
    • Elixirs
      • Bobble Head Elixir (200 Credits)
      • Jello Elixir (200 Credits)
      • Short Legs Elixir (200 Credits)
      • Size x0.75 Elixir (200 Credits)
  • Added 5 New Achievements:
    • It's a Yuki Wonderland (2021): Visit YukiTheater on December 25, 2021 (2,700 Credits, Now Expired)
    • A Special Gift (2021): Open a Present during Holiday 2021 (600 Credits, Now Expired)
    • I Was There When 2022 Started: Be here when the ball drops for 2022 (20,000 Credits, Now Expired)
    • Nine Year Anniversary: Visit YukiTheater on January 6, 2022 (2,700 Credits, Now Expired)
    • Average Day in Moscow: Die from alcohol poisoning while kazotsky kicking (3,100 Credits)
  • Added New New Year's Event for 2022:
    • Rewritten from the ground-up on top of our Events system with new fireworks, much better effects, sounds, and more!
  • Updated to Map v2.3c -> v2.4c -> v2.4:
    • Increase height of Skybox to allow for better firework viewing
    • The Sewer/Old Ruins have been removed to make room for future areas
    • Journals have been removed, since the Sewers are gone
    • Holiday Themeing came and went
  • Achievements: Added a bunch of Legacy Achievements
    • Marked as Hidden until we import completion status from the Old DB
  • Location: Voice Chat is now force-enabled in Karaoke
  • Chat: Added /lotteryinfo
  • E1M1: Added Donation Total Income Multiplier to Metropolice Kills (Supporter-only)
  • Reduce Auto-restart time from 36 to 18 hours
  • Crash mode on Auto-restart now happens after after 90 hours (5 x 18)
  • Entities: Added Holiday Present
  • Presents now automatically spawn based on the map and if it's the Holidays
  • Inventory: Fix missing hands for Hei
  • Fixed stripping various weapons used in E1M1 even when not exiting E1M1 (only really affects staff)

  • Added New In-Game Changelog page
  • Added Support for Event Themes (Holidays and Halloween for now)
  • Profile: Added Item Icons
  • Profile / Loading: Fix username splitting not taking into account HTML special characters
  • Add Supporter and Power Supporter ranks/rank colors
  • Media Embeds: Added a hack to stop static from being visible in the background
  • Media JS / Media Logs: Added Reverse URL/Embed Handler for Direct Video service
  • Media JS: Don't autoplay Twitch embeds
  • Media Log: Add "X entries found with that Y method" text
  • Media: Add Embed Handler / Reverse URL for Paramount+
  • Player Search API / Media Log / Media Blacklist / Moderation Log: Correctly use only integer-based search when the search query provided is an integer

We're finally caught up again! We should be back to our regularly-scheduled changelogs now, which will hopefully more frequently reflect the changes we push to the server.

Also in case you missed this year's New Year's Event, check it out below!

Love you; hope you have a good day! đź’–
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