Apr 24, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Fixed Private Rooms (They weren't resetting the Owner properly, preventing players from Renting)
  • Lowered the cost of Private Rooms (You can now rent 2 Hours for 360 Credits. 25% Off the original)
  • Video Requester Names are now as fixed as they are ever going to get (You have to be in the Room when a video starts playing to see it)
  • Skip Votes now display on the HUD properly (Somebody has to VoteSkip before it updates though)
  • Fixed the "Tried to use a NULL Entity!" error on the Scoreboard
  • Video Streams are now allowed in Public Theaters, but you have to be a Super Admin or higher ranking Team Member to request them
  • I'm sure other stuff I can't remember at the moment