Apr 23, 2017


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Founder/Lead Developer
  • [MrMuffinz] Updated Map to v1.6
  • Re-added support for Twitch.tv and Vimeo (only currently working on GMod's Dev Branch with Chromium Embedded Framework enabled and PPAPI Flash Player installed)
  • Added support for UStream Recorded Videos
  • Fixed MoeTube again
  • Players can now transfer Private/Exclusive Theater ownership to other players
  • [Dan] Added Player Color Customization to the Inventory (F4) Menu
  • Updated YukiBot triggers for GMod Cruise Line (formerly Project Inspiration)
  • Added /logs, /report, and /flash chat commands
  • Disabled God Mode in the Event Room
  • [MrMuffinz] Added an entrance to the Event Room from the Lobby
  • Changed Last 28 Days playtime to show This Month's playtime instead
  • [Dan] Throwing a snowball at the Fire in the Private Theater Lounge now temporarily extinguishes it
  • [Dan] Attempting to queue a blacklisted video in Public when it's allowed in PT/ET will now notify players of this
  • [Dan] Buying a melon from the Melon Dispensors now has a 1 in 1000 chance of giving you a baby instead
  • [Dan] Added a Preview Video button to the Video History panel
  • Disabled LuaError2 error logging module (it was broken and some players were using it to crash the server)
  • Fixed Fireworks not working for Senior Mods+
  • Adjusted minimum rank for the BASSTest Entity to Moderator
  • Fixed theater.ActivePanel trying to draw when it's not done loading
We know we haven't been updating YukiTheater much lately, but we hope you stick around for our new project, GMod Cruise Line! We've been working on it for over a year now and it's just entered Pre-Alpha Testing!

As always, Love You All! <3
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