Apr 21, 2013


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • (Supposedly, for the 3rd time) Fixed incorrect Video Requester Names
  • Fixed "Owner-Limbo" for Private Rooms
  • Updated the MOTD to look nicer and be more functional
  • Fixed Incorrect Rent Time Remaining being displayed on a Private Room Owner's HUD
  • Fixed a glitch where a Private Room Owner could theoretically get unlimited time
  • Fixed Theaters being cut off in the Scoreboard
  • Scoreboard now displays a player's Credit Amount underneath their name
  • Scoreboard now displays Private Room Owners (Known Bug: Sometimes they don't update)
  • Added VIP Time Remaining to VIP Members' HUDs
  • Increased VIP Pass Cost, as they were ridiculously cheap
  • Scoreboard now displays the number of players in the Server
  • Fixed Skip Vote Counter in the bottom left (Another "I hope this works" scenario)