Denied Appeal


New Member
Steam Username ifureadthisugay

Length of Ban permanent

Staff Member that Banned You I do not recall

Ban Reason Trolling

Why You Should Be Unbanned

I was exiled from this server like a year ago, i got exiled on purpose cuz u got rid of my friends at the time, except now I havent spoken to them in a while. I would like another chance to enjoy your server, i'm sorry for the chaos i caused then, thanks.


Senior Moderator
Staff member
Senior Moderator
Hello, since I was the Staff Member who banned you, I will be handling your appeal.

Automatically, I am going to have to deny your appeal simply for the reason that we do not consider appeals until two years after your original permanent ban date. Below is why you permanently banned: Video contains Animal Slaughter Video contains Nudity

You were also banned for discriminatory language and trolling. Your ban will stay is as is and you can appeal again on 7/27/2022. See you then.