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I have been banned recently for a racial slander after trying to help out a girl getting harassed on the server due to the admins not banning the man fast enough I went up to the guy and said a (N) word and I got muted and banned for a week then after the fact I was getting banned before the person that was causing the harm in which the man said " Why is a girl playing video games you slut why are you not making me a F#cking sandwich". it took 7 minutes after me to ban the person I'm confused as to why I was first priority and why I got banned for a week. I hope we can come to a agreement. Thank you.
Hi there sound of music. I'm the moderator that banned you.
You didn't follow the format for ban appeals but since this does deserve some explaining I'll ignore that.

First off the reason you were banned is as follows:
Mic Spam, Disturbing, Ecchi, Discrimination, 10 Days, Log IDs: 1748084, 1748885

The Ecchi, Mic Spam and Disturbing are from previous offences you had that week.
The day you were banned you indeed did pop off on the guy that was harassing your friend. He was promptly banned afterwards by another moderator, QP. We were attempting to get a grasp of the situation at the time and I heard you say that and given that you had past offences, you were banned for it. Now I understand you were upset that he was harassing your friend and in defense you tried to tell him off but using the n word multiple times in the process was quite unnecessary. In the heat of the moment people do things they typically wouldn't do otherwise though and the guy who was harassing your friend was in the wrong more than you were. So I'm going to look past the discrimination portion of your ban. I'll reduce it by 3 days. I think that's fair considering your past offences.
Your unban time is now 01/05/17 23:48:59

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