All the Various Suggestions I Annoy Everyone With in Discord


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So I'm just gonna cut to the chase: this gamemode has a lot going for it, and a lot of potential, but also a lot of room for improvement. Here are my various, completely unrelated to each other suggestions.

I'll be sure to update this periodically when I come up with something.

  • Adding More Cabins
    This seems crucial if you intend to have a playercount larger than 10 at any given time. I would put the additional ones on a second floor, if that doesn't collide with the rest of the ship design. I assume it's already in the works, but just in case it isn't, there ya go.

  • More Easter Eggs
    As much as you hate having your project compared to GMT, it's going to be the basis for my comparison. It had tons of tiny easter eggs that only long-time, committed players would have known about. It's my opinion that small details keep players invested in the game, as well as give them a sense of connection.

  • More Decoration Items
    Again, I'm sure these are already being made, but here's my list of suggestions, feel free to cross them off as you will, either because they already exist, you're already making them, or you just flat out reject the idea.
    Toilet, Sink, Refrigerator, new oven(not in the used items shop), floor lamp, customisable rug, piano(preferably playable), chess/checkers(also preferably playable), slot machines, pool tables in cabins

  • Excursion/Minigame Suggestions
    Dodgeball(maybe themed like Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball?), combat gamemode with complex movement mechanics, a Mario Party style excursion that includes a bunch of outtake excursions that weren't good enough to make their own excursion(Credit to clunky for the idea that he himself said was bad)
  • Tabletop Games
    Add childhood board games: Stratego, Monopoly, chess, checkers, Connect 4, etc. Also, Card games. Garbage, Spoons, etc.

  • Bugs
    As of now, I only found one, and it's already been acknowledged, but I'll post it here for posterity.
    When selling items, it shows the selling price as half of the original price when confirming that you want to sell it, but only returns a quarter of the price. Either set the sell price as 50% to conform with the GUI prompt, or update the GUI prompt to confirm with the sell price.
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Okay, I'll try to address these one by one.

Adding More Cabins
There is unfortunately a limit to how many Cabins we can have due to Source Engine's entity limit. With the current setup, there's a maximum of 400 Items for each Cabin. 10x400 = 4000, which means 4000 potential entities. Strictly speaking, Source has an official limit of 4096 entities, but the likelihood of everyone in the game with a Cabin having all 400 entities is pretty small, so it's possible.

There have however been tests that show that the limit is more like 8192 entities, so we may in the future expand the number we have. We're just trying to be mostly conservative for now, as we know for sure that we're in the limit.

More Easter Eggs
I agree, which is why future areas built into the map will be built with that in mind.

More Decoration Items
Most of those suggested will likely come in the future. I can confirm Toilets, Pool Tables, and Chess/Checkers will be for sure.

New Excursions/Minigames
We have some ideas along those lines that we'll be experimenting with at some point.

Tabletop Games
We'll be adding several of these kinds of games at some point. Dan is currently working on at least one of them.

The Sell Price GUI bug should be fixed.