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Time Ranges typically on our Servers in a Day (Eastern Time)
The only concrete thing I can give is when I'm not at work. I watch a lot of TV anime live and keep up with idol and doujin events. The timeframes for these sorts of things is all over the place, and my sleep schedule reflects that.

Position Applying For
Graphics Artist

Past Experience/Creations Applicable to Position
What I offer to you is a sailor's eye for function and salty aesthetic. For a brief term of one enlistment, I had a proud sailor's life in the US Navy. For wholly artistic, not design related reasons, in no way a threat of compromise to US classified data, and with understanding of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, would like to aid in the development of GMod Cruise Line to find a means of using my experience as an artistic inlet. I was on a submarine and worked comms among a few other things. Data security is taken pretty seriously. If you have a feeling like you're being watched now, it's because you are. (Someone in the NSA might read this eventually one day. If it's now; hello, keep up the good work.)

Community Join Date and Total Playtime on our Servers
April 2018-ish and I just got the 50 hour achievement in Yuki

How You Would Improve the Studio or Community
I see a great possible future in the Gmod cruise line project. Some recent updates opened my eyes to how fun it could be to have a server with the combined elements of RP, sandbox, cinema, and the same community I know from YukiC. The project isn't even close to completion, though. If I had to guess, scheduling and manpower? A team with enough at least part-time developers and the right management could be at this current point in less than 2 months.
While I can't promise a substantial dedication of time and effort I would love to be a help where or when I am needed. In becoming a submariner and earning my (SS) designation I completed qualifications which demonstrated my basic understanding of the function and operation of every system on board. I know what a seafaring vessel looks like on the inside and I know what makes her tick. I also have spent many hundreds of hours of my life standing next to such a vessel on a pier while caressing a rifle, looking at ships of various shapes and sizes go by at 5kts. I would go as far to say I've seen enough to develop a taste for their design.
If I can't sell you on my aesthetic alone, I am good at pretty much everything, even if I'm not great at anything. Show me how to do it and give me a reason to care, and I'll do it, even if it involves engineering a truly nautical, realistic, seaworthy passenger ship to drink rum and watch anime aboard. You don't even need to ask nicely.

Extra Information or Comments
None. They've already picked up the scent from the keywords I earlier said. We could talk through a private channel, but that'll not work since I just mentioned it so they'll do what's necessary to listen in anyway. The only way we can have a safe correspondence is in IRC run through a secure paid VPN being run through a popular public proxy being run on a Blackberry phone, changing Starbucks and Blackberries every 15-35 minutes, using codenames, speaking in Kansai-ben transliterated into 1337-speak, and communicating only with rap lyrics and rap metaphors. Or hit me up on steam or discord or whatever.
Hello there!

The developers have reviewed your application and we've voted to Deny it.
Reasons cited by developers: Role may not warrant a position, could be external commission work instead, may not be needed from the standpoint of expense (maybe for when SGS is bigger?), no examples of previous work provided, no mention of proficiency with common development tools such as PhotoShop or GIMP, position may be redundant to typical other types of content developers (ex. modellers, mappers).

Should you wish to apply again in the future, we ask you to please review the reasons above before doing so. Better luck next time, and thanks for your time!

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