Add a limit to rocket shoes and buff price


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Suggestion:Buff the amount of money the rocket shoes cost and make it where you can only boost for a certain amount of height before it goes on a short cooldown

Why:Well basically it feels like a glorified noclip at the moment disregarding the fact that you cant go through walls, and is fairly cheap for what its worth, especially considering everything else is purely cosmetic.

How it would benefit:It would make the rocket shoes have more weight to their use and make the overall more valuable and less of something that the common man has access too, Especially since at the moment its one of the few items players have access to that isn't just a cosmetic.
I dont know about buffing price but please dont make it only boost to a certain height, that could kind of make it feel like its useless.
Also a possibility is just to make it donator only.
i meant more like you can only stay in the air for a certain amount of time before you need to recharge for a few seconds/ boots overheat. not necessarily based off of height. imagine it like a running ability in video games where there is a small cooldown once you run a certain distance for a certain amount of time
I don't think this is something we're considering. We debated on how the Rocket Shoes should function for a while and what you have in-game now is a result of those discussions. Floor is open for any other Devs to voice their opinion on the matter.
Some have also argued that the cost of the Rocket Shoes is too expensive, so, I think we need more feedback along these lines if there's going to be changes to how it works.