A progression system and halloween event?


GMCL really needs some sort of progression system, so here is my suggestion(s):
1. A really basic sort of progression is levels, so you get like XP from playing minigolf, bowling or 8 ball. For each level you could get stuff like 1000 loot at level 1 then a free used items shop item at level 2, random item at level 3 and a exclusive item (only obtainable from leveling up) at level 4.
Another one is levels but they change each month or 2 months. (think of fortnites battle pass)

2. free stuff for each daily login in a row or in general.

3. (This was suggested by someone else in the discord and i dont agree with this one but im gonna put it here anyway.) Cabin progression is a possible one too, so you could buy like a bathroom for 10k loot and another room for 30k loot etc.

Halloween event:

For this years halloween you could do something very simple as the goal currently is to add more permanent content to GMCL. Halloween challenges!
Theyre basically achievements but maybe (if its not too much work) there could be a exclusive item or 2.

Some challenges could be:
Play 10 games of minigolf on Heck
Get 30 pars on heck
Play 1 hour during night time
Get 3 strikes in one game of bowling during night time.
The Achievements System is intended to be an indicator for Progression. I'm not sure we'd do a Leveling thing on top of that, but it is an interesting idea.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly or something login bonuses probably isn't a bad idea.

Being able to expand your Cabin by buying different rooms is something we probably won't do. It wouldn't really be fun to have to buy Cabin parts and doesn't really add much to the experience.

Hmmm. A Daily/Weekly Challenge system might not be a bad idea.