A Poem to Remember the great Pat.


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Pat has died.
Forever gone, will be missed by few, hated by many
Pat shall never respond as he is enjoying his after life of 42 virgin males
Pat was a hero, Pat was a legend, Pat was a school girl who worked at 7/11
Pat made us feel warm inside, not in our hearts, but in our butts
He was someone the kids looked up to... form his basement where he kept them all
Many people wanted Pat, like the FBI, CIA, PornHub, Police, and even me.
But atleast our savior is dead. He took a snowball to the head, as we gather today he is at peace, But we can never forget this unforgiving beast.... because our poops will never be the same.
From tight little pencils to fat hardly logs
He laced them in white cream from his "Special Hot Dog"
He loved to jump, he loved to play. with little boys on warm summer days.
Scream, struggle the kids as they way, but for when Pat is home, the booty will be slain.
He was a man who stood tall and proud, forcing inside you with your face in the ground.
Yuki once said "nah hes just asleep" but thses words don't apply to otaku virgin creeps.
Loli here, loli there, Pat ran with joy, as he passed through a private school filled with young boys.
Retarded Intersteller Pepparoni

More to come, Trust me.