A nessage to yukitheater staff and winterphoenix96


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I must say that in all my 20 years of living on earth and with 17 years of playing video games with only 8 years of playing online multiplayer gaming, I have never been more astounded and shocked by the total incompetance, bias, and unfair treatment given by yukitheater staff members and the owner to their own players that take an interest in your anime themed cinema server. As of the time it has taken me ti write this rant, about 1130 steam users were banned and the reasons behind them and mine as well make very little sense because of the server rules which I find to be unreasonably vague and would be a wet dream to any abusive garrys mod admin and moderator. I have never came accross any gmod server, or any gaming server with rules that give decent normal players a hard time trying to have a good time, your staff have perma banned players for "drama" and you just went along with it like as if creating drama ruins your day so you want them banned. I also seen a video on youtube where one of your staff perma banned a user and one of the reasons put on the reason was "CBC" which to its acronym I presume means cereal box cinema, it seems you and your staff have a sort of bias against CBC and those associated with them, That tells me alot about you as a person and your users that come to your server, CBC prides itself on its freedom of speech and expression the way any gaming server is meant to be. Based on the reasons of your banned users being "discrimination" (which you and your admins and your fans think that only people of color can be victims of racism) and based on how easily triggered your users are and how censor and ban happy you and your admins are, you and your admins and your users are nothing more than social justice warriors. Your server is literally Tumblr if it was an interactive gaming server full of adult children that want a safe space (as to why you have videos black listed) and that is just being nice, you and your admins and users are those sjw type of people and assume that racism applies only applies to white people, you get triggered easily when you hear someones opinion that doesnt go with your idea, and you think your feelings are more important than facts and reality and if anyone on your server mentions these than you immediately ban them without even so much as a warning. What I find deeply comcerning is that you kind of people are running the western world and deteoriorrating it with your political correctness (which is what your server is nothing but that being enforced) and your censorship of other peoples ideas because it hurts your feelings, I certainly hope that neither you or your supporters becomes a politician because then the world would be even more shit than it is, but you and your supporters don't care about what goes on in the world because you want to be cuddled and live in a magical politically correct sjw universe like how you want your server to be when its a fucking nightmare. Its sjw trash like you and your supporters that are not only ruining the natural world, but your also ruining the quality of modern day entertainment such as movies and video games but yet to have infected Anime yet because japan doesnt buy into the western SJW culture as to why you dont like ecchi or hentai (by the way how the fuck is kissxsis hentai?). What I find pathetic about you and your supporters is that you are reading my post but show any indifference what so ever, you are probably going to respond but not mention one iota of a word on my post but you or some admin on the forums are gonna get triggered and give me some bullshit excuse that I am not following appropiate protocol when writing a post here and remove it and ban me from the forums. The difference between you and me is that I am good with words and I can fight with my words, you can't all you know is just actions, you and your sjw supporters are not articulate to even want to psych me out on how I am wrong and why I should change my attitude toward your server if I am ever to get back on your server but to you thats like getting a bear to shit on a toilet and you look like a pathetic coward. I conclude by saying that you, your admins, and everyone on your server are the worst kind of people imaginable together under your oppressive dictatorship and the reason that you have users that like your server is because they don't mind being fucked over by you or your admins and treating them like shit.
Thanks for proving our points for why you shouldn't be unbanned.

Also, just a tip for you, the more you yell and scream at the people that are in power somewhere, the less inclined they are to lend an ear to you.

Furthermore, claiming we're SJW ban happy admins when your Twitter used to be full of anti-semitic and racist content (that is, before it got taken down) isn't going to make anybody buy into what you're saying.
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