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I enjoy this server and I recognize that it is in Beta, but I wish for there to be new changes.
I have multiple suggestions, albeit short idea's mostly.
1) Lower the prices of Furniture
- The condo is far too big for how little money is able to currently be made. It's a grind to farm on Bowling or Mini golf, and all you get is around 200 - 500 coins per game, and a game lasts a substantially long time. For a good looking bed, it is around 12000 coins. A solution would where you wouldn't have to lower prices of Furniture would be that you simply make the rooms smaller, & upgrade's are paid with in-game cash.

2) Add Jobs, and incentives to complete them.
- A great idea would be a Janitor job. Walk around with a mop & garbage can, clean up all the puke and stuff that players have the option of laying around, and let players make coins doing it. Also make it optional for players to hire Janitors for their own Cabin (albeit for not too hefty of a price so incentive to hire is there.) Another job idea could be a fisher, somebody who goes out on a boat or simply off the edge of the ship fishing for fish, and selling the fish to the different restaurants. A cool job idea would be bartender, one where the players have the options of mixing drinks (ex. Casual Bowling on G-Mod.) I would like to see a feature to complete Jobs around the ship, and would definitely complete them if cash was to be made.

3) Lower the timer on the Mini-games
- Why do we have a whole 10 seconds to look around, then 10 seconds to look at the score in Mini-golf? Also, when you queue up, depending on the game, you should be able to start far quicker than it currently is. For Mini-games played around the ship like Bowling, Bumper-Carts, Boat related games, Poker, Black Jack, Casino related games, the timer should definitely be a waay quicker. Easy replayability should be the key when it comes to fun things you can do on the ship. Perhaps for people who play more slow, make an option for Longer & Shorter games.

4) More Single-player games.

- As of now, not everybody is going to have people to play with considering the servers state. Stuff like video Blackjack & Poker, 1 player pool, Arcade machines that aren't cheap flash games, but games integrated into gmod Like DDR, Claw Machine, Basketball Hoops, Tetris, etc. Games like those would be fun to play on. And for those who wish to play single player games in the company of others, put the machines beside each other.

5) More involvement with the open sea.
- This server shouldn't entirely be one living in the shadows of Gmod Tower, this server should be a somewhat newer experience. It is a cruise ship, but adding pirate themes would help this boat feel more like it belongs on the sea. Make an option for people to go into the water and hunt sharks, fish, find treasure, and explore underwater features. Add a Captains quarters & other things you would find on a boat. Also, put portaits of the boat around, advertisements, and also give the Boat her own personal name like a Captain would.

6) Smaller area's for certain things.
- Why is everything so roomy? The bowling lane uses only half of its lanes. Depending on how the server operates, change this up a bit. Add scenery, allow for people to spectate others bowling, add an animation for rolling the ball, and give it a more fun Neon feel. Sidetracked, but the theaters are definitely too big. You could probably fit about 4 theaters in the area for 2. Add a concession stand for the theaters, sell popcorn, and integrate this into the janitor job. When the Casino comes around, give it a more enclosed jazz, booze, hookers, & gambling feel. TBH, the size for the Casino is good enough.

7) Makes sales incredibly frequent with different items on sale each 30 mins to an hour.
- This could be applied to the furniture store. There is just a bed idly sitting there doing nothing, as well as chairs. Use these platforms to sell products, and advertise how much off they are. Items meant to be not too expensive as a $750,000 "Flex on you" item should be the ones that go on sale.

8) More ways for players to interact with each other.
- There is a trading system, and you trade for items you could essentially buy at the moment. Give incentive to trade. Allow for invitations to Cabins, allow for players to give money to other players with ease, allow players to Co-own Cabins and help decorate, allow for a system to encourage people who are in relationships to express love for each other. Silly little stuff that helps the server feel wholesome.

And Above all else:
9) Make it fun to play on.
- If a player is bored of a game, it is a sign either two things. 1) They played far too much or 2) The game is boring. Add fun galore, small little things to do while bored. Board games are a great example of little fun things. Monopoly, Sorry, Risk, 4 in a Row, Cards Against Humanity, there are all great idea's for the smaller things. Make it fun to play with friends, and make it an environment to meet new people who are, just like other people, fucking around on a gmod server for the hell of it, and trying to find an experience they enjoy.

I trust that the management of this server will be good. I hope that there is more incentive to play, and that people are dragged into the server by friends of friends of friends, or come on their own will remembering the good days of Gmod Tower, and realizing that this is a new start to a fun experience. I hope this project goes well, and I really wish to be a part of the community if this is something that will happen.
PS. Most of these Idea's I got from other places, or simply from Imagination. If you want an example of any of the points I made, don't be afraid to ask. I would prefer to be asked on Discord, but I will attempt to check the forums for responses. Good Night
I like the idea about co-owning, would be nice to have people help decorate, could be useful for spontaneous events.