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Denied 3rrotic's 2nd BananAppeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Virtasy, Aug 30, 2020.

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  1. Virtasy

    Virtasy New Member

    Jul 16, 2017
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    Steam Username
    Previously: 3rrotic
    Currently: illuxes
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:69967600

    Length of Ban

    Staff Member that Banned You

    Ban Reason
    Disturbing, Tease, Inciting Drama, Trolling, Harassment.

    Why You Should Be Unbanned
    shall pick up from where Hazzy(STEAM_0:0:40900745) left off on my last appeal.

    apparently, i was under heavy investigation by the SGS staff for 3 days. what i would have done in those 3 days, in YukiTheater, was play videos that i'd played for years without trouble. so why, after a single video that was considered disturbing, was i instantly permabanned?
    during your *heavy investigation*, prompted by a previously offending member of the community (Technae(STEAM_0:0:26053222), previously banned for 1 month), i was supposedly neglected a warning or any form of lesser punishment. that doesn't make much sense, does it? i think that 3 day investigation actually occurred after my initial permaban was corrected to a 4 week ban. in essence, you were complained to by just about the only two members that harbor hatred which extends to wherever our paths cross, provided screenshots that could of been photoshopped, and thus finally decided that i'm a threat to the YukiTheater community and gathered whatever evidence should reasonably justify that decision.

    the problem with using my request history as justification is that plenty of inappropriate content in YukiTheater is "overlooked or missed." so just about anyone would get the impression that your decision was biased. to prove my point, here are 10 videos that have been recently requested (though public theater listings are used for emphasis) and that i believe violate your video rules:

    Log ID: 2696653
    "nobody - mitski (perfect blue)", played in Theater 1 and contains ecchi content at 1:31.

    Log ID: 3097328
    "Screw It All. [RADIO EDIT MUSIC VIDEO]", played in Festering Biomass and contains eye rape and possibly disgusting/disturbing content.

    Log ID: 2630593
    "Melaina Kol - Green (Music Video)", played in Pool Theater and contains gore at 0:16.

    Log ID: 3085691
    "Mustang Season", played in Main Theater and contains disturbing content at 0:29.

    Log ID: 3085917
    "coffin dance 汚囲ボ", played in Main Theater and contains eye rape.

    Log ID: 3087108
    "One Hour of Silence Broken Only by Random Discord Pings", played in Private Theater 1 and contains annoying content.

    Log ID: 3094793
    "Children (TDN Ver.)", played in Private Theater 1 and contains sexually suggestive content at 1:32.

    Log ID: 3097349
    "Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better (Official Video)", played in Festering Biomass and contains sexually suggestive content at 0:59.

    Log ID: 3100429
    "Dark Souls 2 Babes", played in Private Theater 1 and contains sexually suggestive content at 1:03.

    Log ID: 3103599
    "RUSSIANS ARE AWESOME WE LOVE RUSSIA", played in Private Theater 1 and contains disturbing content.

    everything listed was requested by only a single member. there is clearly room for error, when requesting videos, and it's unfair for it to make up the bulk of your justification for the duration of my ban, since it implies that i wasn't prepared to take responsibility for my video requests. i, like many others, can have difficulty telling exactly what is and what is not appropriate. what it takes to overcome that difficulty is intelligible guidelines, a resource to point us in the right direction, warnings, and discipline. i was aware of the rules and knew that consulting a staff member is usually an option, so i understand why my actions (the video requests) would warrant warnings or bans, but i was never led out from under the impression that those videos were wrong to play in YukiTheater before i was slapped with a permanent sentence.

    next, there are many indications that drama is associated with your banishment of me. one of these is the demotion of RachelXyori from your team of moderators. your reasoning for that seems to be that she simply occupied my personal Discord server. she was, iirc, one of your senior mods, and we sparsely interacted both in-game and out-game. it's downright silly to think that those who've merely been in contact with me are assumed to be severely untrustworthy. i'm not a troll, i don't revel in any form of toxicity, and i don't hold on to negative feelings for those i encounter. i even have respect for Technae(STEAM_0:0:26053222) and Lilly(STEAM_0:0:22587569), despite their constant victimization and spreading of rumors, because i care for the personal struggles that everyone endures. maybe that's why RachelXyori joined my Discord server and has yet to turn tail.

    on the topic of Discord, there's the accusation that i used "inappropriate profile pictures" whilst in the SGS Discord server. i wouldn't upload anything NSFW as my Discord avatar, as it is against Discord's ToS, so i'm unsure where that came from.

    several friends who i met in YukiTheater reached out recently and wanted to chill together in the ever-evolving place that started it all. even if it sucks that i was done somewhat dirty and am unable to accompany them, we care about this place.
    i was mistaken in my assessment of the video rules, but it didn't take 344 days to figure that out. consider giving me a single chance, Winter and gang. thank you. even if it's out of the question, thanks anyway.

    note: desperation over any amount of time has never influenced my requests or inquiries about the possibility of being unbanned.
  2. WinterPhoenix

    WinterPhoenix Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    Hi 3rrotic,

    Just because other people may have broken the rules for videos and they may or may not have happened to fall through the cracks of our moderation, doesn't mean they aren't held to the same level of standard we expected of you.

    Regardless, much like with Zero Two's appeal, the incident with all of you is still fresh in our minds, and it's a matter of course that we don't even consider unbanning for Permanent offenses until at least 2 years afterward. Any appeal prior to then is an exercise in futility.

    If you're still interested in submitting an appeal in late 2021, we'll see you then.

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