10 Year Anniversary, $5 Donator, and Yuki's Spring Update


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Hey everyone! I know the start of this post is 4 months late. Part of it has been putting it off, part of it is not knowing quite what to say.

If you don't know, January 6th of this year marked the 10 year anniversary of YukiTheater's re-launch, following our departure from the YukiGCinema collaboration project. 10 years is a long time. I remember somebody asking me while I was still in High School, how long I was planning on running Yuki. At the time I said "until the end of college." I've spent most of my teenage years, and all of my adult life with Yuki, and it's near and dear to my heart. The memories we've made together, and the things I've learned running it, won't be easily forgotten ❤️

That said, we haven't been doing well financially in quite some time. It's gotten to the point where I've been covering the majority of costs out-of-pocket for almost a year now. Everything we do is community-funded, from GModCEFCodecFix to YukiTheater. The unfortunate reality is that, while I'm personally able to continue footing the bill for the moment, not generating income means that developers don't get paid, even the small amounts we were making before.

As we're getting older and gaining responsibilities, working on SGS projects has become more difficult with limited time and no pay. We continue to work on it with what little time we can set aside out of love for this community.

On that note, we have an announcement: We've lowered the cost of Donator perks to $5! If you're able, please consider donating to help us keep running, even if it's just $5:

Despite all of this, I'm glad we're still around and that we're able to continue making stuff for you guys and growing this community. I'm a little surprised we made it to 10 whole years! Maybe we'll still be around in another 10?

Onto the next topic, we've released our Spring Update for YukiTheater!

In this update, we've added an Easter Egg Hunt event, Eight Ball, 10 New Achievements, 4 New Hats, Yugen and Zoro anime services, and more!

The Easter Egg Hunt and Hats are part of our Seasonal Content, and are happening/available all Spring. As we have a Seasonal Shop now, we're going to be trying to bring you new content each season, so look out for that!

You can check out the update now, here:

And the Full Changelog here:

Speaking of new content, we've officially begun development on Yuki Map v3! It is still in VERY early stages, but our goal with it is to incorporate elements from both Map v1 and Map v2, as well as bring some new groundbreaking areas/features for you to explore. This will include content previously only available on GMod Cruise Line -- we'll let you speculate on what that means exactly.

Map v3 may very well be the final stage of YukiTheater - a culmination of everything we've built in GMod - so we're going all out. Please look forward to it, and please lend us your support!

Phew! That was a long one. Thanks for reading. Love You All and Happy Belated Easter! 💕
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