1. Hellbleeder

    Private Theater AFK

    I often come to Yukitheater just to watch anime while I lay back on my bed and it kinda sucks having to get up every ten minutes to write something on the chat else I get big red flashing letters and miss out on points. Now I know the AFK measures are in place to prevent mining, but if it's...
  2. KingTentacle [TLS]

    Add A horror private theater to the haunted section as a hidden room.

    We have a couple other themed theaters already, i was thinking a Horror themed private room in the haunted section would be awesome, and as a cool secret room. Making this also a private room would allow the viewing of more violent anime such as another and when they cry, without breaking the...
  3. Kuro Usagi

    Rent Time Increased

    Since the maximum time for earning credits for a single video is 3 hours, could we change rentable theater maximum rent times to 3 hours?