Video Game Developer:
Solstice Game Studios
Based in Florida
Founding Date:
January 2013
Press/Business Contact:
[email protected]
Social Networks:
solsticegamestudios.com/chat.html (Discord)
GMod Cruise Line


Solstice Game Studios is a small independent video game developer based out of Florida that creates games and game servers for the popular Half-Life 2 modification Garry's Mod, which is based on Valve's Source game engine. We are the creators of GMod Cruise Line and YukiTheater.


Daniel Rentfro started Solstice Game Studios, effectively, in January 2013 as the sole developer for YukiTheater. Though over time, the development team for YukiTheater grew until we had enough talented people on board to start considering creating an entirely new project. We created Solstice Game Studios in order to combine all of our projects under one roof and because we love making video games.

There was once a Garry's Mod server known as GModTheater that had a gamemode similar to that of modern day Cinema. Daniel used to spend a lot of time there and became rather fond of the server and as such, was found rather griefed when the developer behind the server announced their resignation. Shortly after, GModTheater shut down. However Daniel wanted to rekindle and recreate the kind of fun he had experienced there for others, and set out to create YukiTheater, despite not knowing anything about programming.

YukiTheater has now been running for 7 years (as of 2020), over which it has evolved and improved greatly, however it has always stuck to the core ideals it began with. At the peak before we stopped tracking its rank, the server stood at Rank #8 out of around 6000 other Garry's Mod servers as tracked by GameTracker.com.


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