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Thank you for everyone who participated in the event and taking the time to go through the event with us and all the time you spent building your apartments
I'm really glad that i got to judge for this first contest and I wanted to share all of my scores and notes I took during judging.

Keep in mind none of it is meant to be demeaning and I hope everyone can learn from the experience so we can get even better contest in the future !

Hope to see all of you again on the next contest!!!!

Apartment contest 1 Momo's score

Theme 8/10 - Awesome theme and execution of it couldn't really have done it better
Efficiency 7/10 - Good use of paintables and stickers to create a restaurant, could have added things in the kitchen
Aesthetic 8/10 - Aesthetic on point, nice texture used
total 23/30 - 7.6

Theme 5/10 - Generic theme not much to say
Efficiency 7/10 - Good use of space and nice full second floor
Aesthetic 6/10 - Nice modern house design loved the "stairs" like walls
total 19/30 - 6.3

Theme 7/10 - Give it the vibe of the old Yuki cabins with the personal touch really nice
Efficiency 9/10 - Unique use of body pillows, first person i saw use the stickers to make secret pathways
Aesthetic 8/10 - Very good use of stickers with seamless texture to change the entire look of the apartment
total 24/30 - 8

Theme 7/10 - Original theme and well executed
Efficiency 7/10 - Good use of space and features, with a nice parkour course
Aesthetic 5/10 - Hard to navigate and too dark to my liking lmao
total 21/30 - 7

Theme 7/10 - Good execution and nice meme
Efficiency 8/10 - Good use of the space and the paintables make it seem bigger than it looks
Aesthetic 7/10 - The cabin is really nice and looks great, the non seamless exterior is a bit jaring tho
total 22/30 - 7.3

Theme 8/10 - Stole my under stairs closet /j
Efficiency 7/10 - Good use of all the features for non donator, fit the theme and made the most out of it
Aesthetic 6/10 - Not much to say but the vibes are there
total 21/30 - 7

Theme 9/10 - Excellent theme and true to the game
Efficiency 8/10 - Excellent textures and use of the stickers, nice touch with the glass walls
Aesthetic 8/10 - Would love an outside part other than that, perfect execution.
total 25/30 - 8.3

Theme 7/10 - Both rooms are really good, it would have been better on their own i think
Efficiency 9/10 - Excellent use of the space, kept the original layout of the loft but made it look completely different, textures are excellent
Aesthetic 9/10 - Nice comfy vibes on the cabin side and the office is really well done with nice touches with players and memes
total 25/10 - 8.3

Nice try... im sorry lmao

Theme 9/10 - Original box apartment design and "tiny" themed loved the presentation
Efficiency 8/10 - Good design and use of space with parkour and secret passage and the unique teleporter
Aesthetic 7/10 - Me? Gongaga... watermarks tho...
total 24/30 - 8

Theme 7/10 - Loved the apartment at the entrance, with more time i think the rest could have been put together better
Efficiency 8/10 - Nice skybox and usage of the props for the plants
Aesthetic 7/10 - Colors are nice and good layout, also... Yuris uwu
total 22/30 - 7.3

Theme 6/10 - Comfy bar/chill space
Efficiency 6/10 - Average use of the props and paintables
Aesthetic 7/10 - Kept the original apartments mostly intact with their own additions to it
total 19/30 - 6.3

@wow a mammoth
Theme 9/10 - Original, built around the meme and well done
Efficiency 6/10 - Good use of the paintables for the meme, build is faulty tho, lots of unfinished walls and stuff
Aesthetic 8/10 - Even tho it's ugly it fits the theme and it's genuinely funny
total 23/30 - 7.6

Theme 5/10 - Basic layout of the apartment
Efficiency 5/10 - Nothing special done with the features
Aesthetic 5/10 - Kept the original design with a few props, still have a comfy vibe
total 15/30 - 5


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